Saturday, February 20, 2016

Short Subject: Donald’s Vacation (1940)

Donald goes on vacation, it’s short lived.

Like last time Donald faces off against a bear in this short, the exact same design too, but thankfully no hanging was involved.  This is a good return to form of Donald facing off against an adversary and losing.  Now sometimes that kick in the pants, or lack of pants in Donald’s case, is undeserved, but not here.  The chipmunks and eventually the bear only come along to bother him, because he broke one of the fundamental rules of camping: don’t leave your food out. 

The gags with the chipmunks eating a jack o lantern face through a pumpkin, and the beards made of cupcake icing are fun, as is Donald fighting with the so called e z folding lawn chair.  I also really liked the gag of Donald canoeing on the river and then the reveal that his legs are doing the paddling just like a real duck does.  The bear chasing Donald is pretty standard and happens not only to him, but several other characters in other shorts so nothing new there.  Although I do like how the bear pulls the bark off the tree Donald tries to climb up to get to safety.

All in all not an exceptional short, but a nice bit of fun with some good gags.

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