Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Short Subject: Ye Olden Days (1933)

Well that was fun.

This was indeed a very fun short.  The singing is fun, even if Walt doesn’t have the best voice for it.  The action is up beat with Mickey and Minnie escaping a tower and getting stuck in clothing, and Goofy and Mickey having a duel; where Goofy still has his old title of Dippy Dawg. 

Mickey gets to be resourceful and proactive which is really nice to see.  I love how he uses the guillotine to cut Goofy’s spear and then takes the pointed end for himself and drives Goofy off.  Even the king who I think is a complete jerk for trying to marry Minnie off without her consent, and then getting mad and locking her in the attic when she says no, gets his comeuppance when his portrait crashes into the back end of Goofy’s horse giving us visual conformation that he is indeed a jackass.

I must say after boring and racial insensitive shorts it was nice to watch one that was just really entertaining.     

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