Friday, March 18, 2016

Short Subject: The Barnyard Battle (1929)


For something fight themed I’d think this would be more exciting, but it isn’t.  I don’t like the gag of Mickey getting inducted into the army I think ‘Donald Gets Drafted’ did it better.  The designs of the other mice aren’t interesting and I don’t like the way the guns and cannons deflate after being fired.  Yes, it’s supposed to be light-hearted no gore and what not, but I just don’t care for the look.  Also I still don’t like seeing Mickey with teeth.

It isn’t all bad though some of the gags like Mickey firing piano keys out of the machine gun and catching one Pete cat’s tail in a mouse trap are funny.  The music and action are nicely timed especially when Mickey is hitting all the Pete troops over the head with a hammer.  For me though I think the Donald wartime shorts did the army stuff better, and the silly Symphonies did a lot of the musical based stuff better.  Again it’s not bad it just doesn’t stand out when compared to the rest of the canon.     

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