Monday, March 21, 2016

Short Subject: The Grocery Boy (1932)

Well this one was almost good.

I was ready to declare this better than ‘Mellerdrammer’ simply because we were back to safe gags involving physical comedy and the personalities of the cast, and then we had to get a blackface joke when Mickey, covered by a bust, hits a table *sigh*.

Oh well at least it doesn’t take up the entire short instead we get to have Minnie playing hard to get which I just find annoying.  Look if you’re really mad about him being late with the groceries just tell him that don’t wait until he gets smacked by an ironing board to start communicating.  The rest of the short, minus the black face gag, is fun with nicely timed cooking actions to the music, and trying to get the turkey back from Pluto and ultimately failing.

It‘s not a standout short with Minnie’s behaviour and the blackface gag there are things that bother me, and while the cooking to music is well done it’s something seen in many other shorts as well.  So not horrible, but nothing really new or memorable either.    

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