Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Short Subject: The Haunted House (1929)

I liked ‘The Skeleton Dance’ more.

That’s what this is to me ‘The Skeleton Dance 2.0’ and it’s not as good.  I like the twist of Mickey going into a haunted house and instead of the spooks wanting to terrorize him they want him to play the organ so they can dance.  That’s neat.  I like some of the animation like the way the rain barrel morphs into four skeletons when Mickey falls into it, that looks really good, but the rest is boring.  Most of the dances are loops and duplications; one section is borrowed entirely from the other short and some of the actions are similar like the skeletons playing on their backs and it’s just not interesting to me this time around.

Also Walt’s voice for Mickey isn’t as distinct as it will become so the personality of the character is lacking as a viable contrast to the spooks.  The asshole/rogue trait is also not present here, makes sense given this is horror themed, but if you’re going to a plot over again, but just add Mickey to it some contrast would be nice to have this stand on its own from what’s come before.   

So in future I’m giving this short a pass.

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