Sunday, March 6, 2016

Short Subject: Mickey’s Parrot (1938)

Like with ‘Donald’s Penguin’ we have a cute creature getting shot at.

All right I’ll be fair and say that that’s not the entirety of the short, it’s only the last bit after Mickey has worked himself into such a state that popcorn popping on a stove has him diving for cover.  I do love seeing him and Pluto getting worked up though.  With Mickey getting the shoes stuck on the end of his gun so he thinks someone is behind him; a great use of sound and visuals.  Then Pluto thinking the fish is threatening him when it’s really the parrot in the cupboard trying to open the fish food can.

The parrot himself is nicely designed, and very cute on the title card, and since he also talks this already makes him far more interesting than the penguin was.  The voice can be a little bit grating at times, but given him talking is interspersed with other scenes like Mickey and the shoes it keeps it from becoming annoying.  I like that he’s no villain here either he is just taking any old port in a storm and just happens to have incredibly poor timing.  

This was a cute short with a nice use of sound effects for several gags, good character design, and voice work overall.  The darker idea on Mickey and Pluto thinking the parrot is the escaped killer helps give this just enough edge from being totally sappy like the radio drama they were listening to was, and it’s helped by the darker colour scheme of the backgrounds.  Nice work.

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