Monday, March 14, 2016

Short Subject: Mickey’s Garden (1935)

Mickey gets high.

Seriously that’s the bulk of the short.  It starts with bugs invading Mickey’s garden and him and Pluto, doing a really bad Pointer position when compared to the one in ‘The Pointer’, using bug spray to deal with them.  It works until Mickey runs out.  While he gets more Pluto gets into a fight with a bug, gets his head stuck in a pumpkin, and in his attempt to escape bumps into Mickey who is trying to get the bug sprayer unclogged.   

Needless to say Mickey gets a face full of the stuff and the next thing you know the whole thing goes trippy, with some very nice animation of the world wiggling and the plants growing in size.  I also really love Mickey grappling with a snake at the end only to reveal it’s the garden hose.  The animation of the bugs eating the crops is good too, although I think the potato eye gag looks creepy. 

Like with ‘The Little Whirlwind the plot is rather meh.  Again it’s Mickey doing domestic chores and unlike Donald he isn’t bombastic enough to carry a mundane task through physical comedy.  However, the visuals outside of Mickey make up for that.  Most of the short is an acid tip and it’s a good looking acid trip.  So for me this was better than the last short visually, maybe not one I’ll return to, but I’m glad I saw it none the less    

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