Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Short Subject: The Science of Magic (2015)

Sunset Shimmer finally gets to be a in a short!

Yes with a new film came a new set of shorts released in the lead up to it and this was the first.  Sunset, now a truly accepted member of the group tries to figure out how magic works in the human world.  What follows is slapstick worthy of the old Looney Toons shorts and the answer that she has no idea how magic works in this world.
That answer is a lazy way to hand wave the fact the magic will basically do whatever someone needs it  to do in this world and don’t ask questions.  Though it is fun seeing Sunset show a more analytical side and the antics that come from the attempt are funny.  So an okay short all things considered.  If they had gone for a slightly different ending like maybe Sunset saying she would have to run more tests, right after she visits the nurse I think it would have been an improvement, but there will be another movie if the teaser at the end of Friendship Games was any indication so they could still come up with a better explanation than we don’t know.   

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