Friday, June 3, 2016

Short Subject: Banner Day (2015)

Flash Sentry and two guys I don’t know the names of make a banner.

All right we're back to the fun shorts!  Sure the plot of a group fighting and then turning out an awesome piece of work through that discord is cliché, but I still liked this anyway.  The banner does look good I like the different aspects each boy brought to the piece, and I like at the end how each comments using the others go to subject of science, music, and nature to make their point, because it shows that while that isn’t they’re passion they still know or at least have a passing interest in other topics and I thought that was great.  You get more well-rounded characters with that instead of just having the nerd, the environmentalist, and the band guy.

The only thing I don’t like, and this goes for the series as a whole, is Luna’s design.  The large eyes makes her look far too young and the lack of a major height difference that her pony counterpart gets from other characters doesn’t help.   

That as I said applies to the whole series not just this short so I won’t hold that against it and just say that this was a fun way to look at a few side characters while showing events that would get as closer to the Friendship Games.  I like what each boy brings to the banner and that we got to see other characters besides the mane six in prominent roles.      

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