Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Short Subject: Fathers are People (1951)

Goofy becomes a dad.

You know Goofy’s counterpart Georgre Geef can be really hit and miss.  Most likely because he stops doing wacky things like all the slapstick in how to shorts and instead goes for more subtle jokes in the realm of suburbia.  Sometimes it works well and others not as much.

Personally I think it works great here, because with a wife and kid Goody is clearly in the role of adult and that allows for more adult humour that kids won’t get.  Like going to get the bottle involves tossing down a martini, and threatening to spank his son with a hairbrush, and my favourite washing his son’s mouth out with soap implying that his first word was a swear.

And the slapstick isn’t completely gone either as Goofy gets hurt with several of Goofy junior’s toys.  It’s not as fun as seeing him make Goofy shaped holes in the wall, but it still works.  And overall I have to say that I really like this short.  The more subtle humour is funny, the slapstick while not as wild is still good and I like that Disney really did take the chance to explore the adult experience in way that only Goofy really can.  Mickey has the brand to maintain so he and Minnie can’t really grow their relationship.  Donald has his nephews, but they are already past the baby stage so he more often ends up in conflict with them than anything else.  Goofy however, is more versatile and can take on a number of roles and that includes the role of father.      

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