Thursday, June 30, 2016

Short Subject: Father’s Weekend (1953)

Sunday is certainly not a day of rest for Goofy.

This short is really an advertisement for being childfree and single.  Goofy tries to relax on his day off and gets thwarted at every turn with not being able to sleep, thinking company is coming, and then having to take junior to the beach, where he of course acts up in the car and everywhere else.  Although why they brought the dog considering they just left him in the car I don’t know. 

The contrasting narration to all this is fun, but oh my god the dubbing is awful!  If it’s not a shot with direct lip movement nothing matches at all.  This kind of sloppiness is not something I associate with Disney, at least not classic Disney.  And that, along with the boring title card, drag the short down for me.  There’s some nice sight gags about Sunday being about fixing up the home, some of the slapstick like Goofy getting tattooed is fun, but the dialogue that is so clearly just overlaid once everything else was done bugs me and takes away from my enjoyment immensely, because it just screams lazy cheap short made quickly for a cash grab, and I hold the golden age of Disney to a higher standard than that.       

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