Friday, June 17, 2016

Short Subject: The Country Cousin (1936)

Winner of best animated short for 1936.

As one of the silly symphony shorts this is set completely to music with no dialogue outside oh “shh!”  Through those actions we see the story of a country mouse going to the city and being a complete bumpkin while there.  His actions almost get him eaten by a cat and then nearly run over by everything that has wheels.

I like this short a lot.  It’s tells a fun story through just facial movements and body language which is great.  A lot of the gags are funny especially during the dinner scene showing the country cousin’s utter lack of etiquette.  The antics are very well timed with the music and I find myself growing fonder of the character designs the more times I see this short.  The two mice being the same except for the clothing was initially off putting to me, but now I can see that that allows for a greater contrast of their actions as a high living city mouse and the country hick.

I can see why this short won the award that year it’s fun, with upbeat music, the hard work of the animators clearly shines through, and the lack of dialogue really helps keep it timeless when the look is a bit off-putting for me on initial viewings.   

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