Monday, June 30, 2014

Short Subject: The Legend of Mordu (2012)

A short that was included on the DVD/blu-ray release of Brave.

The title makes it rather obvious that the subject of the is short film is the legend told in Brave about the ancient kingdom that was destroyed due to the eldest brother failing to mend the bonds broken by bride as Merida does.  

First off I have to say that I love the use of the circle of stones to spell out Mordu in the title card.  The animation is nice.  The more limited movement and character design I think works because it’s contrasted by a very nice use of mood lighting with the dark greys and the bright green of the spell, along with the glowing eyes.  

Also I like that the short reveals why the king split his kingdom up between the four brothers, because each of them has a different strength to bring to ruling the land.  That provides a nice emphasis to Elinor putting the four chess pieces underneath the four corners of the board to show balance and how the kingdom falls into ruin when the oldest son seeks to take over everything on his own.  The short also confirms that the clans and kingdom we see in Brave are indeed the remnants of Mordu’s ancient kingdom with the markings on the one army matching the one’s the Macintosh clan have.   I think it’s good that all of this wasn’t’ revealed in the film proper too, because I think it shows how certain aspects of a story can be lost or changed as it’s passed down from generation to generation.

Finally the reveal that the witch has been telling the story to Wee Dingwall and not the audience is hilarious.

Overall I really liked this short.  It provides more background to the legend told by Elinor in a fun interesting way.  The animation while not as good as fully rendered 3D still work really well.  I don’t think it is as strong as story on its own like the other short La Luna was, but it still serves as a nice addition to the feature film.

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