Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few notes on Star Trek: Into Darkness

Well anyone familiar with my blog will know that I don’t care that much for the latest incarnation of Star Trek.  With the sequel just days away now I thought I’d give my views going into this next release.

I will say upfront that I have tried to go into this movie as spoiler free as possible.  Outside of the trailers I've looked at nothing regarding this release.  I’ve heard a lot of rumours  about who the villain is, everyone from Khan to John Harrison, but I don’t know what has or hasn’t been confirmed by the filmmakers.  I didn’t see the extra nine minutes that came out with The Hobbit in IMAX.  I haven’t watched any interviews and I’ve flipped past every magazine article I’ve seen about it.  

As I mentioned I have seen the teaser trailers, but they basically contained everything I ranted about in my post about modern movie trailers last year.  I know that JJ Abrams is directing.  I know that the cast will be back.  I know there will be people running around, jumping off of high places, and firing guns.  Other than that I really have no idea what the plot of the film is at all.  Just that stuff goes boom in it just like the last film so there should at least by some consistency with the focus again being on spectacle and action.  On the upside though the voice-over in the second trailer talked about Kirk needing to learn humility and that speaks to a possible character arc for him and some much needed growth that was non-existent in Star Trek 2009.  That is an excellent sign.  On the downside though with the images of folding the Federation flag, what look like rows of coffins, and the hands through the glass clip it seems were still not done ripping off Wrath of Khan.  Would it kill you guys to find something else to draw ‘inspiration’ from?  And Star Wars doesn’t count.  Abrams already has the reins for that franchise too; and I hope he does a great job with it, because we need to have something good after the prequel mess.

Obviously my expectations are low given the film these guys made last time and the lack of anything new from the initial trailers and posters.  Though I will admit I like the posters I have seen more than the ones for Star Trek 2009. All of this doesn’t mean that my expectations can’t be changed by what I see on the big screen when I actually watch the film though.  I’ve gone into films expecting garbage and gotten a wonderful experience instead.  I’ve gone in with low expectations and have them sink as I watched a film.  So this can go either way here.  As I said before the franchise does have great potential in this direction, with an alternate universe giving the creative team a chance to explore some great new themes and situations.  This is the film that will let me know if these can take that potential and make something great with it.  The last film did have a lot of goals to reach and people to please.  Whether they succeeded at that or not is obviously a matter of debate.  However, this one already has a built in audience from those who enjoyed the last film so now the time has come to push things forward and really make this their own.  It’s make or break time guys, give me the best you’ve got.  

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