Sunday, March 4, 2012

Star Trek Fancomic Intro

So what does a fancomic with its roots in a 60's television show have to do with cinema?  The short answer: nothing.

The longer answer is that television can be related to cinema, as they are both forms of audio-visual entertainment.  They often cross-over into one another, which is evidence by Star Trek as well as other franchises like Disney, Star Wars, and so on.  Then there are things like made for television movies. In our modern world they even have similar formats considering we get to enjoy about twenty minutes of commercials before the feature presentation at the movie theatre now too.  Finally it is a response to a cinematic work, Star Trek 2009, or to be more specific the attitude that spawned much of it. 

This idea that we have to get away from continuity it’s too constricting.  This is my middle finger to that mind set.  As a fan I love continuity.  I like figuring out how different events fit together, and what different characters might have been doing during those events, how things and people play off one another.  Now yes because I am coming at this from a fan perspective I obviously have different priorities than those who have to worry about marketability, the bottom line, executive meddling, and all that stuff.  But the whole thing just reeks of laziness to me.  I can’t figure out how to make an interesting story in the continuity I have so let’s scrap it. Not here, this project will work with continuity, in what came before it and what is to come after it.

Also I'll warn in advance that this is purely amateur work.  There will be improvements as time goes on in such things as perspective, shading, anatomy, and colour work as my skills and supplies grow.  At least I darn well hope there will be.  Also since I have stated my intention to work within continuity I have now also guaranteed that I will screw it up at some point, because that's the way these kinds of things work and I wish to apologise for that in advance too. 

So with all that out of the way I hope you enjoy the adventure…  

Issue #1           

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